Velosurance available for e-Cycles

With the recent emergence of electric assist bicycles Velosurance now offers the valuable protection of a multi risk, stated value, bicycle insurance policy to e-cycle owners.

The addition of electric power assist to bicycles will extend the distance riders can travel and encourage use of the e-bike as an alternative to making short commutes in a car. Bike excursions will no longer be restricted to riders capable of long distance rides. Along with the increased use of a bicycle comes an increase in risk from accidents and bicycle riding liabilities.

Whether on a crowded city bicycle commute or a country road excursion cyclists need to protect themselves from the possibility of accidents that damage the bike or cause medical injuries to the rider or other persons. The Velosurance cyclist policy insures against accidental damage to the bicycle and the optional liability coverage protects the rider from injury or damage claims.

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The Velosurance e-cycle insurance policy is available in the U.S. to insure all electric assist bicycles with a functioning set of pedals and electric assist motors up to 750 watts. The policy also covers bicycles that are retrofitted with electric motors up to 750 watts. The policy insures the cyclist while riding anywhere in the USA & Canada, and worldwide coverage is an available option.

Get a Free QuoteHome and renters insurance policies do a bad job of insuring bicycles and many are excluding e-cycles from any coverage based on the electric motor. Velosurance recognized the need for equal insurance protection whether a bicycle is electric assist or pedal power and offers a cyclist insurance policy to protect e-cycle owners from all the risks associated with bicycle riding.

The cost to insure an e-cycle is no different than insuring a pedal power bike and the Velosurance cyclist policy offers the same coverage to both type bicycles.

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