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Post-ride beginner yoga poses for cyclists

"Yoga is soooo overrated!" said nobody, ever. That’s because anyone who has adopted a consistent yoga routine knows firsthand the many benefits that...

Health and fitness | 9 MIN READ By Katrina Voitenko Aug 1st, 2019
Women's gear: What do I REALLY need?

The decision to take on a new sport or hobby can be an expensive one. When compared to others, cycling is a relatively inexpensive pastime, but it...

Women in cycling | 7 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Jun 17th, 2019
Things to know before insuring your bicycle

If you’re an experienced cyclist, then you’ve probably owned multiple bikes, each progressively better and more expensive than the last. Whether you’...

Rates and coverage | 7 MIN READ By Katrina Voitenko Apr 13th, 2019
What women need to know before getting into cycling

Riding a bike can be a great way to burn some calories, improve your cardiovascular health, and to have fun while doing so. Once you realize the...

Women in cycling | 5 MIN READ By Katrina Voitenko Mar 3rd, 2019
The road to women’s suffrage was ridden on a bicycle

The sport of cycling has been associated with men for a very long time. However, this wasn’t always the case. In fact, there was a time when bicycles...

Women in cycling | 5 MIN READ
dave By David Williams May 24th, 2018
Getting into endurance mountain biking

Anyone who considers themselves a mountain biker already knows the joys of venturing into the vast wilderness with nothing but their trusty two-...

Mountain biking | 9 MIN READ
dave By David Williams May 7th, 2018
Bike touring—what is it and how do I get started

What is bike touring? Simply put, bike touring is traveling by bicycle. Even if you’re a novice cyclist, you surely have already discovered the...

Bike touring | 8 MIN READ
denis By Denis Voitenko Mar 9th, 2018
Cycling injury prevention tips

Health benefits, environmentally-friendly transportation, and exhilarating fun are just a few of the many reasons why cycling is so popular. What...

Bicycle safety | 5 MIN READ
denis By Denis Voitenko Feb 22nd, 2018
Riding with your significant other

Whether your passion is shredding a singletrack, an intense road hammerfest, or just a leisurely pedal, there’s one thing all cyclists tend to agree...

Health and fitness | 5 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Dec 9th, 2017
Tips on buying an electric bicycle

If you’re in the market for an electric bicycle, you are probably overwhelmed. With so many options, finding the right one can quickly become a...

Electric bicycles | 5 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Nov 18th, 2017
A cable lock will not save your bicycle from theft

Securing your bike when leaving it unattended is a must-do if you expect it to be there when you return. If you commute by bike, it’s likely that you...

Bicycle theft | 5 MIN READ
denis By Denis Voitenko Oct 31st, 2017
How to get started with bikepacking

Whether you’re trying to escape the everyday stresses of life, setting out for an adrenaline packed adventure, want to become one with nature, or...

Bike touring | 6 MIN READ