File a claim

We are sorry to hear about your recent loss and hope that you are OK.

To initiate the claim you will need your policy number. If you don't have the policy number, you can request it here.To report the claim please call 800-362-7535 today, or by email to

Once you report the claim, a team member will will contact you within two days. This person will be your primary contact during the claim process. Please keep the team member contact information to monitor the claim progress.You will be asked to provide the following:

If the claim is for damage:

  • Detailed digital photos of the damaged areas of the bike
  • A detailed damage and repair report from your preferred bike shop. If you do not have a preferred shop, find one here.
  • Your statement of how the accident occurred
  • If you are claiming a helmet and/or riding apparel, please gather the purchase receipts

If the claim is for a theft:

  • A police report detailing how the theft occurred; submit your claim ASAP, even if a police report is not immediately available
  • A picture of the defeated security device/lock, if available
  • Your statement of how the bike was secured
  • A receipt or photo of the security device, if available

For all other claims, your claim team member will guide you through the process.

Please send all other correspondence to and always include your policy number. You may be asked to provide pre-accident photos and bike purchase receipts. If you provided these to Velosurance when you purchased your policy, you can access them here.

Please allow two full business days for your claim to be assigned and for your claim team member to call or email you. Call 800-362-7535 if you have not been contacted within this time.