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Airline damage

Your bike is covered whether the airline damages or loses the bike entirely.

On a car

If your bike falls off or gets run over by a car, it’s covered.

Shipping coverage

If it’s damaged or lost by a shipping carrier, it’s covered.

Insurance for riders who travel

Bikes are adventure machines by design. Even if you have excellent local riding, sooner or later you’ll yearn for variety and start venturing outside of your local circuit. Seeing new destinations from aboard your bike can be an empowering experience since you’re always in touch with your surroundings. The feeling of spontaneity, the wind in your hair and the unfamiliar curves of the road or trail will keep you asking for more. But before you start dreaming of epic adventures, you need to get yourself and your bike to the starting point.

Whether it involves throwing your bike on the car and heading to a neighboring town, planning a road trip with several scenic stops, or hopping on a plane to a sunny location during the cold winter months, exploring new destinations on a bike takes cycling to the next level. The further from your home base you venture, the more complex logistics can get.

The truth is, bikes frequently sustain damage while being transported. The causes of such damage can range from inadvertent errors such as driving into a low garage with the bike on the roof rack to the negligence of airport personnel. A policy from Velosurance provides coverage for any damage your bike may sustain during its travels, regardless of whether it is being transported by car, handled by airport staff, shipped with a courier, or traveling domestically or internationally.

why bicycle travel insurance

How your bike usually gets damaged while transported

Bicycle crash into garage

There’s surprisingly many ways to damage a bike and most of them don’t involve crashing, or riding it at all. In fact, bikes get damaged when being transported almost as frequently as they do when they are ridden.

Many urban dwellers chose to transport their bikes out of the city to trails and bike paths where they can be ridden away from traffic. Bike racks are secure by design but humans make mistakes. At highway speeds, forces and vibrations are significant enough to expose any oversights, such as under tightened bolts and ratchet straps. Bikes breaking loose on the highway almost never survive.

Airlines have recognized the importance of accommodating cyclists who travel with bicycles, making flying with a bike much simpler and more affordable than even a few years ago. However, airlines still have a reputation for being difficult or uncooperative when it comes to handling claims related to damaged bikes.

If you travel long distances, out of state or even internationally, shipping your bike to the destination with a postal courier or a specialty bike shipping company can save both time and money, but you’ll have to break down and re-assemble your bike.

A policy from Velosurance provides comprehensive coverage for your bike during transit, ensuring that regardless of the mode of transportation you choose, you can rest easy knowing that your bike is fully protected from any type of damage.

Velosurance covers all types of transit damage

Exploring new destinations, the next town or country over, takes cycling to a whole new level. Whether you’re taking your bike along on your car, stuffing it into a case and handing it over to an airline, or shipping with a postal courier, it’s covered.

Airline damage

Your bike is covered whether the airline damages or loses the bike entirely.

On a car

If your bike falls off or gets run over by a car, it’s covered.

Shipping coverage

If it’s damaged or lost by a shipping carrier, it’s covered.

Coverages and Features

Velosurance core policy offers must-have e-bike protection such as accidental damage, theft, or loss in transit. Each policy can be customized by adding additional coverages such as liability protection, uninsured motorist coverage, and medical gap coverage.

Total Loss by Theft

Bikes are very easy to steal and equally difficult to recover and a hefty U-lock doesn’t guarantee that your bicycle will remain yours when you return. Velosurance provides the peace of mind when your bike is stolen or damaged in the process.

Any Crash or Accidental Damage

The cyclist insurance policy will pay to replace the bike when the bike is accidentally damaged beyond repair. If the damage can be repaired, the policy will pay all the costs associated with the repair. Cosmetic damage is excluded.

Medical Coverage

If you’re hurt, we'll cover some of your medical bills, up to the policy limit. This coverage pays to supplement the deductible of your personal health insurance policy.

Damage or Loss in Transit

Bikes often get damaged in transit, by airline and courier services alike. Filing a claim with these is a notoriously difficult process with a questionable outcome. Velosurance covers your bike while it is on it’s way to your destination.

Why Velosurance is best for your bicycle

Not all types of insurance are created equal. Velosurance levels the playing field by offering a stand-alone bike insurance policy, where claims will not affect your homeowner or renters policy premiums.

Policy Coverage Home Owner/RentersPolicy Velosurance
Insured at Full Value Possibly Yes
Crash Damage No Yes
Theft Coverage Limited Yes
Theft Away From Home Possibly Yes
Vehicle Contact No Yes
Personal Liability Possibly Yes
Replacement Bike Rental No Yes
Event Fee Return No Yes
Cycling Apparel Insured No Yes
Medical Payments Possibly Yes
Racing Coverage No Yes
Electric Assist Bicycles No Yes
Bicycle Airline Shipping Coverage No Yes

“I have been using Velosurance for a few years now and have received nothing but top-notch service. Thankfully I have only had to file claims a couple of times and each time I have received very fast reimbursements for both medical and bike repair costs. I would recommend them to any bike racer.”

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Our mission

The Velosurance mission is to be fair to everyone involved, and to offer our best advice to clients so they can make an educated decision about their bicycle insurance coverage. We also like to ride as much as possible.

We are riders too

Bicycle prices increase every year and cyclists who are serious about their sport are spending big money on high-value e-bikes. Other forms of insurance, like homeowners and renters insurance, do a poor job insuring high value electric bicycles so we founded Velosurance to fix that.

Whether on a crowded city bicycle commute or a country road backpacking trip, cyclists take on a variety of risks whenever they hop onto the saddle. That’s why Velosurance offers a multi-risk, stated value bicycle insurance policy to e-bike owners.

Velosurance provides a stand-alone, no bike value depreciation, bicycle insurance policy to replace the cobbled together, sub standard coverages offered by traditional insurance.

We are cyclists just like you, and we understand that when your bike gets damaged in an accident you want the shortest possible downtime. We make it our mission to see that your claim check arrives before the repair parts do and you get back pedaling as soon as you want to.

Cyclist on a road bike

Velosurance story

Velosurance is a national insurance program founded by two avid cyclists, Dave Williams and Denis Voitenko in response to the insurance needs of bicycle riders nationwide.

It all started over tacos

One very rainy day at a local taco joint in Fort Lauderdale we started discussing how badly home and renters policies insured bicycles. We knew there had to be a better way so we set about finding out how we could take a traditional piece of insurance and make it better, much better. On that wet day over tacos, Velosurance was founded.

We partnered with Markel American Insurance Company, an A.M. Best, A rated, US insurance company, and a leader in recreational insurance, to offer a multi-risk bicycle insurance policy providing protection to all types of cyclists, and with none of the silly restrictions that other insurance wants to place on riders.

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We are riders and insurance experts who give advice and share insights to educate fellow riders and keep them safe while on road or trail. We want you to become a better rider by helping you understand and manage risk associated with your lifestyle.

Velosurance discounts

Members of USA Cycling, USA Triathlon, and International Mountain Bicycle Association (IMBA) receive discounts on Velosurance bicycle insurance products.

Velosurance provides bicycle insurance policies in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C., Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin.

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