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Health and fitness

denis By Denis Voitenko Apr 13th, 2020
Is it safe to train during pandemic?

A widely held belief is that prolonged intense workouts, such as endurance races, compromise the immune system. While evidence suggests that may be...

Health and fitness | 8 MIN READ By Katrina Voitenko Mar 28th, 2020
How cycling affects work performance and morale

Weight loss. Improved cardiovascular and lung function. Muscle development. Enhanced immune system. There are so many research-backed benefits to...

Health and fitness | 8 MIN READ By Katrina Voitenko Mar 23rd, 2020
Coronavirus Concerns: Can I still ride my bike?

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a global effect on how billions of people go about their daily lives. Many “nonessential” businesses, such as...

Health and fitness | 12 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Dec 3rd, 2019
What cyclists must know about Health Insurance

Most people don’t consider the risks involved in seemingly safe exercises and physical activities. However, unless your hobbies include extreme...

Health and fitness | 9 MIN READ By Katrina Voitenko Oct 14th, 2019
Want to live longer? Ride a bicycle.

Children are encouraged to go outside and ride their bikes so they can get their bodies moving and breathe in some fresh air. Doctors tell us to ride...

Health and fitness | 8 MIN READ By Katrina Voitenko Aug 14th, 2019
Post-ride beginner yoga poses for cyclists

"Yoga is soooo overrated!" said nobody, ever. That’s because anyone who has adopted a consistent yoga routine knows firsthand the many benefits that...

Health and fitness | 9 MIN READ
denis By Denis Voitenko Feb 22nd, 2018
Riding with your significant other

Whether your passion is shredding a singletrack, an intense road hammerfest, or just a leisurely pedal, there’s one thing all cyclists tend to agree...

Health and fitness | 5 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Sep 16th, 2017
Want to start cycling after 50? Here's how

The benefits of bike riding Bicycling can have a plethora of positive health effects. Cycling increases muscle strength in your lower body and...

Health and fitness | 4 MIN READ