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Bicycle transportation

denis By Denis Voitenko May 28th, 2020
How to transport your bike in a pickup truck

These days everyone has the same idea: get outside and exercise! While it might be as simple as hopping onto the saddle for some, many have to...

denis By Denis Voitenko Jun 18th, 2014
Most popular ways to transport your bike safely

On a roof rack, trunk rack, or hitch rack: Which one is the best means of hauling your bicycle around? Carrying your bicycle in or on your car is an...

dave By David Williams Feb 24th, 2014
Bicycle car rack safety tips

If you carry your precious bike around on the roof of your car you probably live in fear of the day you forget the bike is up top and drive somewhere...

dave By David Williams May 29th, 2013
Cyclists : how to fly with your bike

The size restriction of 62 linear inches that most airlines adhere to as being oversized is impossible to conform to for most fixed frame bikes in a...