Bicycle car rack safety tips

Bicycle car rack safety tips

If you carry your precious bike around on the roof of your car you probably live in fear of the day you forget the bike is up top and drive somewhere that your car and bike will not fit, and the bike is always the loser in this type confrontation.

The ride is over, you are feeling good, and an hour at home relaxing sounds nice. As you roll up to the house, punch the garage door opener, and drive into the garage with thoughts of a nice relax in front of the TV there comes a nasty crunching sound that snaps you back to reality...nooooo! your bike is on the roof rack and you just drove into the garage. Ahhh “choose your favorite expletive”

As the realization of what just happened seeps through your anger and while you hesitate to get out of the car to survey the damage, you sit there stunned, realizing that your relaxing afternoon just disintegrated like the carbon frame that took on the garage door.

How to prevent it from ever happening?

There are a couple of preventative measures to avoid turning your frame into a mangled mess. One precaution is to place something in front of the garage door that forces you out of the car and hopefully seeing your bike on the roof rack. This only works if you can be 100% certain that a helpful neighbor of family member doesn’t remove what they consider an obstruction.

bikes crash garage

Another precaution is to hang several bright pieces of tape from the bottom of the garage door so when the door goes up the tape says “STOP, your bike is up top”, and unless you are asleep at the wheel this will cause you to remove the bike before driving into the garage.

The object in front of the door requires you to put it there as you leave the house. This can be easy to forget at 5:30 in the morning. It also relies on no helpful people moving the object, so it is far from foolproof.

The bright tape on the door is always there and it should remind you of what’s up top. If you combine the tape with placing the garage door opener on the passenger side floor or seat you might stand a better than even chance of never hearing what a bike sounds like as it is struck head-on by a garage door.
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