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Velosurance is a national insurance agency founded by two cyclists in response to the insurance needs of bicycle riders nationwide. We partnered with an A.M.Best “A” rated, US insurance company to provide a multi-risk policy offering protection to all types of cyclists.

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All-risk bicycle insurance for mountain bikers

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Best insurance for your mountain bike

Whether the accident is a simple mishap or a someone's negligence, and if it happens on a ride, at home, or in transit, it's covered.

Crash Damage

Your bike is covered if it’s damaged in a crash. On a road or trail, a group ride or a race, if it’s damaged in an accident, it’s covered.

Theft Coverage

If your bike is stolen from your home, car, workplace or any other secure location, it’s covered.

Medical Coverage

If you’re hurt, we'll cover some of your medical bills, up to the policy limit. This coverage pays to supplement the deductible of your personal health insurance policy.

Velosurance for mountain bikers

Velosurance for mountain bikers

Out of all cyclists, mountain bikers are the type that most often identify cyclicing as an integral part of their lifestyle. It’s also not surprising that they spend a significant amount of time and money pursuing their hobby and are more likely to own more than one bike. With many riding styles, from cross-country to downhill, bunched under a single umbrella of mountain biking, it’s easy to see how this hobby can captivate the attention of many.

Those “not in the know” think of mountain biking as an extreme sport. While definitions are subjective, the statistics do not lie: the injury rate in mountain biking is higher than any other type of cycling. Crashing is simply an integral part of mountain biking, it's something that happens when riders push their personal limits while trying to progress. Unfortunately, personal injury is not the only risk that mountain bikers subject themselves and their bikes to.

As the most accident prone of cyclists, mountain bikers could benefit from additional coverage to protect themselves from unexpected financial losses. Optional Medical Payments can cover the gap created by out-of-pocket deductibles and copays, and those who chase the thrill of mountain biking internationally, can extend coverage to anywhere in the world with the Worldwide coverage option.

Crash damage coverage

On a road or trail, a group ride or a race, if it’s damaged in an accident, it’s covered.

crash damage coverage

Is it undoubtedly true that experienced mountain bikers crash less, but even those with years of experience are not immune. By its very nature, mountain biking is a physically demanding and challenging sport, and there is always a risk of crashing when riding on rough terrain or attempting tricks or stunts. Luckily, most of the crashes are not serious, often resulting in nothing but a bruised ego and a few scratches on the bike. But once in a while there’s an unlucky crash that can make you question your choice of a hobby, and that’s when people start thinking about insurance.

While mountain bikes are designed to be robust and capable of handling the demands of off-road riding, they fare much worse in side impact situations, especially when the frame or protruding parts such as the derailleur, meet a rock. Carbon fiber has an exceptionally high specific strength, but being stronger than steel and aluminum, is not as impact-resistant.

Our base policy provides coverage for crash and accidental damage. It also provides up to $500 coverage for the riding apparel, gloves, shoes, sunglasses, and the helmet. If you have a spare wheelset or other spare parts, they are also covered up to $500 per loss, $1,000 limit for the policy term.

Theft coverage

If your bike is stolen from your home, car, workplace or any other secure location, it’s covered.

theft coverage

The new enthusiasm around bikes paired with logistical challenges, threw off the balance in the bicycle market, spiking the demand amidst limited supply. This perfect storm has increased bike theft by approximately 24% since 2019. To make matters worse, bike theft is the most underreported and least often solved crime.

A wide availability of battery operated cutting tools makes bike theft incredibly easy: most U-locks, chains and cable locks provide less than a minute of security against an electric angle grinder. Thieves are now casing public garages, shopping mall parking lots and even residential neighborhoods.

The basic bicycle insurance policy from Velosurance provides coverage for theft from and away from home. When left unattended away from home, the bike must be secured to an immovable object, such as a cemented bike rack.

Velosurance covers all types of mountain bikes

This sport, which reaches far and wide, has attracted a diverse and passionate community of riders. Whether you speed down a singletrack, explore the backcountry, or get gnarly at a bike park, you’re a mountain biker. So no matter how big your tires are or how much travel is in your fork, it’s covered.

Medical coverage

This optional coverage will pay the leftover bills once your primary health insurance has paid its share.

medical coverage

A higher risk of injury when mountain biking is not a surprise for anyone, it’s a reality riders accept when they decide to try this sport. While most injuries aren’t serious, the more one rides, the higher the likelihood of eventually suffering an injury that will require serious medical attention.

Riding a mountain bike without adequate health coverage is generally not a good idea. A broken collar bone or a torn ligament is enough to land one in an emergency room and require surgery followed by a lengthy recovery period. The final bill might be large enough to cause financial strain, or even bankruptcy.

Medical payments is an optional coverage on a policy from Velosurance designed to cover the remaining medical bills, once your primary health insurance takes care of their share. This usually includes the out-of-pocket deductible and emergency room and facility copays.

We cover electric mountain bikes too!

Our normal coverages also extend to e-bikes, including electric mountain bikes.

e MTB coverage

Not so long ago electric mountain bikes were very polarizing with the riders, trail advocacy groups and the regulators, all trying to find a compromise with those who discovered how fun eMTBs actually are. Electric mountain bikes are exciting because they offer the same thrilling experience of traditional mountain biking with the added benefit of electric assistance.

In addition, e-mountain bikes can provide a sense of adventure and exploration, as the electric assistance can allow riders to venture further and tackle more challenging trails. They can also be a great option for riders who want to keep up with faster friends or who are looking to push their limits and try new things on the trails.

Today, Class 1 e-bikes, which are pedal-assist only, have no throttle, and have a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph, are either permitted or under consideration on most trail systems, parks and BLM land. An insurance policy from Velosurance covers Class 1, 2, and 3 electric mountain bikes just like it would a regular bike, for theft and accidental damage with optional coverages including liability, medical payments, and vehicle contact protection.

We cover damage in transit

Whether it's on a car rack, in possession of an airline or a postal courier, it's covered.

coverage in transit

A part of the mountain biking lifestyle is traveling and exploring new trails, be that in the next town or next continent over. Mountain bikes spend a significant amount of time on car racks, in care of airlines and postal couriers.

Unfortunately, both accidents and honest mistakes happen, like driving your car into a garage with the bike still on the roof rack. Or failing to properly secure the bike to the rack and it coming loose on the highway. In other situations you might have no control at all, like an airline damaging the bike, or the bike not showing up at your destination at all.

Replacing a bicycle in the “new normal” is neither easy nor cheap. With a policy from Velosurance, you can travel with a peace of mind, knowing that damage and loss in transit are covered

Coverages and Features

Velosurance core policy offers must-have protection such as accidental damage, theft, or loss in transit. Each policy can be customized by adding additional coverages such as liability protection, uninsured motorist coverage, and medical gap coverage.

Total loss by theft

Bikes are very easy to steal and equally difficult to recover, and a hefty U-lock doesn’t guarantee that your bicycle will remain yours when you return. Velosurance provides peace of mind when your bike is stolen or damaged in the process.

Medical coverage

If you’re hurt and require medical attention, our policy's optional purchase medical payments will cover your medical bills, up to the policy limit. The policy medical payments are paid directly to you to supplement the deductible of your personal health insurance policy.

Any crash or accidental damage

Our policy will pay to replace the bike when it is accidentally damaged and beyond repair, including damage that occurs while being carried on or in your vehicle. If the damage can be repaired, the policy will cover all the costs associated with the bike's repair, including tax, labor, and shipping. Cosmetic damage that does not affect the bike's safety is excluded.

Damage or loss in transit

Bikes often get damaged in transit by personal vehicles, airlines, or courier services. Filing a claim with the airlines and courier services is a notoriously difficult process with a questionable outcome. Our policy covers the insured bike for loss or damage while it's on its way to or from your destination by air or road. Even if the bike falls off a vehicle bike rack or is hit in a rear-end accident, it is covered, no arguments.

Electric bicycle coverage

We cover all electrically assisted Class 1, 2, and 3 bikes with a maximum assisted speed of 28 mph. All coverages available for conventional bikes also apply to e-bikes.

Liability protection

Our policy optional coverage purchase will protect and defend you from your personal liability (injury, sickness, death, or damage to property, including fire damage) that you are found legally liable for. Coverage limits offered: $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, or $300,000 per occurrence.

Worldwide coverage

If your travels take you outside of the USA and Canada, our policy can be extended, at a small additional premium, to cover physical damage, such as a crash, and will also cover theft as well as loss or damage by an airline.

Our shop or yours

When filing a claim you’ll need to provide a repair estimate from a bike shop. We have a nationwide network of partner bike shops that are familiar with our process and can help you speed through your claim. If you prefer to work with your favorite bike shop, that works too.

Gear and apparel

If your insured bike is damaged in a crash, our policy covers the bike as well as your apparel, such as helmets, shoes, glasses, or riding kits, that were also damaged in the crash, and will pay up to $500 per accident and $1,000 per policy term. Spare parts that are not installed on the bike, such as a spare wheelset, are also covered for loss or theft up to $500 per loss and $1,000 per policy term.

Your choice of lock

We do not dictate what type or brand of a lock must be used to protect the bike from theft. You are welcome to use any lock that you trust. The best security is provided when securing an unattended bike with metal locks combined with a high-quality chain. Securing your bike to a solid and immovable object, such as a bike rack, with a high-quality lock will send a bike thief onto the bike secured with a more vulnerable lock.

No depreciation

Our policy never depreciates your bike's insured value. Depreciation is a hidden deductible that increases over time, and is applied if the bike is stolen or totalled. No one is ever happy with a depreciation (actual cash value) insurance settlement: the bike is first devalued and then a deductible is applied, resulting in a reimbursement that is far less than it takes to replace the bike. We pay what you paid, minus the deductible.

24/7/365 coverage

Our policy covers the insured bike(s) at all times, anywhere in the USA and Canada, and can be extended worldwide on request. There are no exclusions on time of day, or limitations on how long a bike could be stored away from home. 24/7/365 means every minute of every day, no matter where or when.

Standalone bicycle insurance

A standalone policy does not piggyback on coverage provided by the policies you may already have, such as home insurance. A claim against our policy will not reflect on your insurance score and will not affect your rates with other insurance carriers. With home insurance rates going up every year, it’s prudent to reserve your claim for when you really need it, because no matter how expensive your bike is, it’s a lot cheaper than a kitchen fire or a basement flood.

Why Velosurance is best for your mountain bike

Not all types of insurance are created equal. Velosurance levels the playing field by offering a stand-alone bike insurance policy, where claims will not affect your homeowner or renters policy premiums.

Policy CoverageHomeowner/Renters Policy
Insured at Full ValueYesPossibly
Crash DamageYesNo
Theft CoverageYesLimited
Theft by ForceYesNo
Theft of AccessoriesYesLimited
Theft Away From HomeYesPossibly
Vehicle ContactYesNo
Personal LiabilityYesPossibly
Permissive Use PolicyYesNo
Replacement Bike RentalYesNo
Event Fee ReturnYesNo
Cycling Apparel CoverageYesNo
Medical PaymentsYesPossibly
Racing CoverageYesNo
Coverage in-transitYesNo
USAC, USAT and IMBA Member DiscountYesNo

Not all insurance policies cover bikes equally and it often takes a claim to find out that your bike isn't covered. We did the hard work and read all the fine print. To see the difference, see bicycle insurance comparison.

Customer Stories

Client satisfaction is our #1 goal. Here's what our clients say about Velosurance

"Thank you so much to Velosurance!! My Ebike was stolen recently while on a trip to Minneapolis.. I was so bummed to lose it and I wasn't sure if it would even be covered.. Dan Madsen and Velosurance were very understanding and covered my claim in full.. "

Piper D

Piper D

Baltimore, MD

"Velosurance is great! I’ve had them for 5 years now and it gives me peace of mind knowing that I have my bike stuff covered. I have made a few claims and everything was taken care of and solved in a timely manner. Definitely recommend getting velosurance. "

Steven G

Steven G

Los Angeles, CA

"I have insured my bikes with Velosurance for 10 years and had to make two claims. Once I damaged my wheels on vacation, the second I was hospitalized after a massive crash. They were incredibly responsive both times, and made a stressful time incredibly easy. "

Gary K

Gary K

San Francisco, CA

Check out Velosurance reviews to see what else people are saying about us.

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No matter where your adventures take you, protect your mountain bike and yourself from the unexpected with America's best bicycle insurance.

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Our mission

The Velosurance mission is to be fair to everyone involved, and to offer our best advice to clients so they can make an educated decision about their bicycle insurance coverage. We also like to ride as much as possible.

velosurance mission

We are riders too

Bicycle prices increase every year and cyclists who are serious about their sport are spending big money on high value bikes. Other forms of insurance, like homeowners and renters insurance, do a poor job insuring high value bicycles so we founded Velosurance to fix that.

Velosurance provides a stand-alone, no bike value depreciation, bicycle insurance policy to replace the cobbled together, sub standard coverages offered by traditional insurance.

We are cyclists just like you, and we understand that when your bike gets damaged in an accident you want the shortest possible downtime. We make it our mission to see that your claim check arrives before the repair parts do and you get back pedaling as soon as you want to.

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Velosurance discounts

velosurance discounts

Members of USA Cycling, USA Triathlon, and International Mountain Bicycle Association (IMBA) receive discounts on Velosurance bicycle insurance products.

Velosurance provides bicycle insurance policies in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C., Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin.