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Why should I insure my bicycle?

Why should I insure my bicycle?

What is your bike?

Your car is transportation, your home is shelter from the elements, but what is your bike? When you were a kid your bike was a toy, but today it has become part of your lifestyle. The value of some bikes now eclipse the price of a car and far from being a toy.

The sales associate pointed at my bike and said “see that bike? The front wheel of that bike costs more than this entire bike.” At that point I realized that people look at life differently and that bicycles have many and varied uses. I ride my bike for health and excitement, he might be buying a bike to ride to work or school. Different pedal strokes for different cycling folks.

I was recently walking out of a bike shop with my bike and overheard a customer complain that the bike he was looking at buying was expensive, “$398 for a bicycle is a lot of money” he commented.

If you commute by bicycle your bike is a means of transportation and enjoyment with a great health benefit. If you pedal the trails on a mountain bike you enjoy riding through nature and mixing excitement with adrenaline, and if you enjoy the road with friends on an early morning ride watching the sun come over the horizon the beauty of cycling is apparent.

Why you need Velosurance

No matter how you appreciate your bicycle there is one thing we all have in common. When we start pedaling all the junk that life piles on us just drifts away, moved into the background, and we pedal with a clear head. If riding is an important part of your life then you should consider protecting the bike, and your lifestyle, with insurance.

Insurance is for the unexpected, a car crash, a house fire, an illness, or a bicycle theft. Insurance industry statistics estimate that everyone will suffer an insurable loss once every 6 years and isn't it easier to find a $200 annual insurance premium than it is to find $3000 to replace a much loved part of your life, your bicycle.

If replacing or repairing your bicycle will not interrupt your lifestyle or be a financial hardship then insurance might not be for you, but if you prefer to protect yourself from financial loss insurance is the answer.

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