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Bicycle maintenance

denis By Denis Voitenko Nov 14th, 2019
How to fix a flat bicycle tire

Changing a bike tire might not seem like an especially important life skill, but if you ride a bike in any capacity, it’s a skill you should learn....

Bicycle maintenance | 9 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Jun 26th, 2017
The 411 on storing your bicycle

Prep it for storage Whether you ride your bike every day or occasionally, putting it away clean will significantly extend its life. It might seem...

Bicycle maintenance | 5 MIN READ
dave By David Williams May 29th, 2017
Tips to keep your bike riding longer and better

Keeping your bicycle in tip-top shape can prevent you from being stranded on the side a road, or even worse, on a trail miles away from civilization...

Bicycle maintenance | 4 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Apr 20th, 2015
Carbon fiber bicycle frames - repair or replace?

This is a hotly debated issue with all sides to the debate either emotionally or financially invested in the outcome, but what it really comes down...

Bicycle maintenance | 2 MIN READ
denis By Denis Voitenko Mar 17th, 2014
Get your road bike ready for the season

Take it for quick pedal Take your bike for a quick pedal around the neighborhood to make sure the gears and brakes are working well. Then take...

Bicycle maintenance | 3 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Feb 5th, 2014
How to keep your bike's gears shifting perfectly

In our last segment we paid attention to a perfectly clean chain. Now we want to make sure your gears work perfectly. Clean and grease the inner...

Bicycle maintenance | 2 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Feb 5th, 2014
Bike chain cleaning guide

Have you let the muck and grime build up on your bike or did you just spend a ride hammering through some nasty wet roads or trails? If your bike is...

Bicycle maintenance | 3 MIN READ