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Velosurance is a national insurance agency founded by two cyclists in response to the insurance needs of bicycle riders nationwide. We partnered with an A.M.Best “A” rated, US insurance company to provide a multi-risk policy offering protection to all types of cyclists.

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Bicycle insurance - what is covered?

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bicycle insurance 28 Sep 2014 By David Williams

When figuring out what value to consider when insuring your bicycle you should include everything normally attached to the bike when you ride, plus some things that are not always attached but can be considered cycling accessories, such as a bicycle trailer.

What is covered by Velosurance?

Bicycle trailers can be expensive and should always be considered in the bicycle insured value if you want the trailer to be covered accessory.

The bicycle insurance policy will also include your wheelsets, especially if you race on one wheelset and train on another. Include the racing wheelset in the bike value and the training wheels will be covered.

Cargo mounts, baskets and panniers are also covered but usually not their contents. If you are a touring cyclist your non riding clothing and camping gear would not be covered and likewise if you commute to work by bike and carry street clothes, laptop or tablet in the panniers these items are not cycling related and would not be covered by your bicycle insurance.

velosurance coverage

Accessories like:

  • Lights
  • Cameras
  • GPS units
  • Power meters
  • Other accessories

that are used in your normal riding are all covered items.

Every component attached to your bicycle is also covered by a Velosurance policy.

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