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dave By David Williams Oct 19th, 2015
What you must know about crashing your bike

If you spend any significant time on two wheels, you will eventually crash. While accumulating riding experience will cut down on the frequency of...

Bicycle safety | 5 MIN READ
denis By Denis Voitenko Sep 12th, 2015
Risk, liability and insurance for triathletes

As with any competitive sport, triathlon carries certain inherent risks ranging from road rash to more dire consequences like financial loss and...

Triathlon | 8 MIN READ
dave By David Williams May 15th, 2015
Most common questions

Q: Is my bike covered if it is on the car bike rack and I am rear ended? A: Yes, the bike is covered subject to the policy deductible. Q: If I buy...

Rates and coverage | 3 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Apr 20th, 2015
Carbon fiber bicycle frames - repair or replace?

This is a hotly debated issue with all sides to the debate either emotionally or financially invested in the outcome, but what it really comes down...

Bicycle maintenance | 2 MIN READ
denis By Denis Voitenko Dec 30th, 2014
Riding a bicycle at night - see and be seen

Riding at night is dangerous If you commute by bike, then you are most likely aware of the joys that come with being “one with your environment”...

Bicycle safety | 5 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Oct 25th, 2014
Why should I insure my bicycle?

What is your bike? Your car is transportation, your home is shelter from the elements, but what is your bike? When you were a kid your bike was a...

Bicycle insurance | 2 MIN READ
denis By Denis Voitenko Oct 25th, 2014
How to not get your bicycle stolen

Stolen bicycles are almost never recovered and all it takes is a momentary lapse of concentration and bam, it’s gone! So how do you prevent bicycle...

Bicycle theft | 3 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Oct 20th, 2014
Uninsured driver, liability, medical coverage

Physical damage and loss of the bicycle is easy to understand. If the bicycle is damaged or stolen the policy will pay to repair or replace it, but...

Bicycle insurance | 4 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Sep 28th, 2014
Bicycle insurance - what is covered?

When figuring out what value to consider when insuring your bicycle you should include everything normally attached to the bike when you ride, plus...

Rates and coverage | 2 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Jul 9th, 2014
Kids and bicycles - what every parent should know

The chills of winter have given way to clear sunny days and there’s nothing more fun on days like this than a family bicycle ride at the park. It is...

Bicycle safety | 3 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Jun 24th, 2014
Most common accidents when riding on the road

Every road rider knows how quickly things can change and that you need to rely on all your bike handling skills to avoid being injured in a bicycle...

Bicycle accidents | 4 MIN READ
denis By Denis Voitenko Jun 18th, 2014
Most popular ways to transport your bike safely

On a roof rack, trunk rack, or hitch rack: Which one is the best means of hauling your bicycle around? Carrying your bicycle in or on your car is an...