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Bicycle insurance cost explained

Bicycle insurance cost explained

An often asked question is why does bicycle insurance cost as much as my motorcycle/auto insurance? This is a great question that needs discussion. Let’s consider some other anomalies in pricing and then we can get back to insurance.

The biggest mystery to me is, how is it possible to buy a 32” digital TV for less money than my Oakley Switchblade sunglasses? I have never found the answer.

Next, why is it that a bicycle tire with less than 1% of the material of a car tire costs almost as much as a car tire, and will never last as long as a car tire? If my car tires had all the problems of my bike tires I would be right back at the tire dealer complaining. But bike tires? No, I just go buy another overpriced oval of cycling rubber so I can get back riding.

Now what about the cost of bicycle insurance?

bicycle insuranceBicycle insurance is such a new product in the insurance marketplace that there was no historic data to base premiums on, so we had to rely on market research (we talked to hundreds of cyclists about the policy and premiums), plus we looked at some inaccurate bicycle accident data from the DOT and bicycle theft data from the FBI, and were then able to formulate the premiums.

We all want bicycle accident insurance to be available to us for the long term, so for the product to survive the risk to reward ratio has to make sense to the insurance company. We are still fine tuning the premiums but for the most part premiums seem to be fairly reasonable across the U.S.. When you consider the risks you take on when riding, bicycle insurance starts to make sense.

Bicycle use

If you use your bike in competition or participate in group rides, then the need for insurance is a no brainer: the possibility of a crash damage is much greater than for a casual rider.

A $3500 bicycle in Miami costs about $250 a year to insure with a $100 deductible and there are not many components on that bike that cost less than $100. If the bike goes down it doesn't take much to run up a hefty repair bill at your local shop. No one buys insurance expecting to crash but when it happens, it’s nice to know that Velosurance has your back.

Bicycle theft is a huge industry in the U.S.

We receive dozens of alerts of bicycle theft every day, and those are the small percentage of thefts that are reported. Let’s face it, a bicycle is easy to steal. Bicycles are not equipped with keys or alarms like cars and motorcycles. It’s not easy to steal a car or motorcycle, but you can just pick a bicycle up and carry it away. It only takes seconds to steal a bicycle but it takes a coordinated effort to steal a vehicle.

bike theft

So why does bicycle insurance cost as much?

We really aren’t comparing apples to apples, more like apples to oranges. While they are both fruit, they are not from the same tree, not even the same orchard. Same deal between car/motorcycle insurance and bicycle insurance: they are both insurance that cover accidents but the risks are significantly different.

All Velosurance does is insure bicycles.

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