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Most common questions

Most common questions

Q: Is my bike covered if it is on the car bike rack and I am rear ended?

A: Yes, the bike is covered subject to the policy deductible.

Q: If I buy a new wheelset can I add value to the policy?

A: Yes, just send us the purchase receipt and tell us how much value to want to add. If you keep your old wheelset as training wheels they remain covered when they are on the bike and as spare parts when they are not installed on the bike.

Q: Is my bike covered if I race?

A: Yes, if you race in more than one race a year please tell us so we can be sure to adjust your account.

Q: Do you offer trip insurance?

A: No. The Velosurance is a 12 month policy that covers your bike in the USA & Canada.

Q: Do you offer Velosurance for bikes kept in Canada?

A: Velosurance is only available to insure bicycles stored at a USA address.

Q: Will Velosurance cover me for a trip to Europe?

A: The policy can be extended Worldwide at your request and at a reasonable additional premium.

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Q: Does a Velosurance policy cover me for a visit to Hawaii?

A: Yes, Hawaii is part of the US.

Q: Does a Velosurance policy cover me for a visit to Puerto Rico?

A: No, Puerto Rico is not yet a US state. You will need to add worldwide coverage.

Q: Do I need to tell you if I visit Canada with my bike?

A: No. The Velosurance policy covers the insured bicycle anywhere in the USA & Canada.

Q: Is my helmet covered?

A: If you crash and there is damage to the bicycle that exceeds the policy deductible then you can claim your helmet and other damaged kit also.

Q: Can you recommend a specific lock for my bicycle?

A: While we do not recommend any specific lock manufacturer we suggest at the very minimum a quality U lock in combination with a heavy cable. Spending up to 10% of the bike’s value on a lock is not unreasonable. ABUS locks are very popular in the bicycle commuting community.

Q: How does the policy deductible apply? Per accident or per year?

A: The policy deductible is applied per accident. If you have three accidents in a year then you have three deductibles.

Q: Are my racing wheels covered if I loan them to a friend?

A: No. Once your wheels are on another bike they are no longer part of your insured bike and no longer covered by your bike’s insurance.

Q: If I choose monthly payments will you mail me an invoice every month.

A: No. Monthly payments are only available with auto pay.

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Q: Do I need to buy extra insurance when I ship my bike?

A: Your bike is covered at all times while in transit within the policy territory. Additional insurance is not necessary.

Q: Explain Roadside Assistance

A: Roadside Assistance costs $12/year and is a 35 mile ride for you and your bike if you are stranded on the road. Find a comfortable and safe place to wait and in about 30 mins a service vehicle will be there to pick you and your bike up. It also features a lock out service.

Q: When can I make a claim?

A: Anytime accidental damage to your bicycle exceeds the policy deductible you have a potential claim. Call Velosurance to discuss the loss.

Q: What is an accident?

A: An accident is an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.

Q: What is not an accident?

A: Any expected damage to the bike is not accidental, such as a chain stretching or tire wearing out.

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