What Customers Say

Clay B

Dear Dave:

I just wanted to take a minute to say how pleased I am with Velosurance. I'm relatively new to cycling, but was fortunate be able to buy a new Trek Madone for a cycling adventure in Europe. Having never flown with a bike before - and wanting peace of mind while on my trip - I bought Velosurance just a day or two before departing. The purchase process was easy. Well, the flight over went well, as did the event in France I flew over for, but then when traveling to Ventoux for an extra bit of fun I did the 'unthinkable' and drove into a low overpass with my new bike on the roof rack. You helped me through the claims process, which was painless, and within days I had a check for the full amount of the loss. As bad as I felt about wrecking my bike, I would have felt a whole lot worse had I not had Velosurance. Frankly, it saved the balance of my trip as had I not had the insurance I would have spent that time beating myself up over the event. Thanks again for your help.

Best regards, Clay B



Jay D

I purchased Velosurance early this season after seeing a crash that totaled five bikes. Dave at Velosurance quickly built a quote for road bikes that are raced by my wife and myself. Dave made sure that I included everything while totaling the price of the bike. Dave made sure that my race wheels and power meter were covered under my policy. Unfortunately, within a week of purchasing a brand new Cervelo an errant rider cooked a corner in a crit wrecking his teammate out into me. Frame cracked, helmet cracked, jersey ruined, bibs ruined, sunglasses ruined. Dave and Velosurance quickly took care of me. I had a check for clothing and accessories in five days and a check for frame replacement within two weeks. If you can afford a bike, you can afford to have it insured. Dave and Velosurance will make sure to get you the right coverage.