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Will a frame repair void the warranty?

While accredited carbon frame repair facilities restore the frame to its original safety specification and warranty said repairs, they cannot guarantee that the frame will retain the manufacturer’s warranty. A professionally performed composite repair will have a perfectly matched carbon layup, combined with the highest grade of resins, to retain the structural rigidity and the dampening qualities of the original frame. Such repairs are undetectable by the naked eye, thermographic imaging, and ultrasound.

Many bike manufacturers perform similar repairs in-house, some recognize repairs performed by accredited repair facilities and even outsource their repairs to them, others do not. The truth is, unlike the automotive industry, where the manufacturer must accept repairs performed by ASE-certified mechanics, the cycling industry is unregulated.

Many major manufacturers have stated that they would not honor a warranty claim for the repaired area, however, they would honor a warranty claim for the remainder of the frame.

It is prudent that you, as a consumer, educate yourself on the nuances of the warranty contact from your bike’s manufacturer. Additionally, always make sure to understand your rights as a consumer. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation's consumer protection agency, says it’s illegal for a dealer to deny your warranty coverage simply because repairs were performed by someone else: the burden of proof that product failure resulted from previous repairs lies on them.

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