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Uninsured Motorist Contact Protection

This optional coverage protects the insured bicycle rider from medical and other related expenses incurred from a physical contact with a hit-and-run, an uninsured or underinsured motorist. This optional coverage is recommended to bike commuters and roadies who often train on public roads.

In many states, uninsured/underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage on your personal auto insurance covers you while riding your bicycle. You should confirm this coverage with your auto insurance provider.

Scenario: You do not own a car so your bike is your only vehicle. On a commute to work, a car runs a red light and hits you. The at-fault driver stops, and you are taken to the emergency room. It is later discovered that the driver has a low liability limit on his insurance, which is not sufficient to cover your medical expenses. Uninsured Motorist Contact Protection covers the gap in coverage, up to the selected limit.

Scenario: While riding down a country road you are passed by a pickup truck towing a trailer which sideswipes and knocks you to the ground, the truck drives on. While the truck driver may not have seen the accident, this would be termed a hit-and-run accident and you might be able to recover hospital and other medical costs for your injuries from your own car insurance PIP and/or UIM. For these coverages to apply there must be contact with the automobile (in this case the trailer) and you will need a police report. If you do not have UIM coverage under your auto insurance, Uninsured Motorist Contact Protection would provide this coverage instead.

Scenario: While riding on a city street you are hit by a motorist who turned in front of you and the motorist is cited by the police for causing an accident. You are injured and transported to the emergency room. Your injuries require you to be admitted to the hospital and when released, you are unable to return to work for a month. The accident and hospital medical bills along with loss of income has caused you financial difficulties. Despite driving a very expensive car, the motorist has no liability insurance. As a result, medical costs along with your personal compensation can most likely be recovered from your personal auto insurance Uninsured Motorist (UIM) coverage.

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