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Is my bike covered if I am rear-ended?

If your insured bike is being transported on a vehicle bike rack and is damaged when rear-ended by another car,, then the bike would be covered by the Velosurance policy.

If you end up in this unfortunate situation, always call 911 and ask for the police to attend the accident. Take pictures of the scene immediately, in case the offending driver decides to flee the scene. Even if your car is not damaged, do not accept any settlement offers from the offending driver, these almost always backfire. It is common practice for the offending driver’s insurance company to depreciate the value of your bike because that’s what they do with cars. The Velosurance insurance policy is a declared value, which means that we never depreciate your bike.

Once you have the police report in-hand, follow the instructions here to submit the claim. We’ll dispatch a check to you as quickly as we can, and let our attorneys deal with the other insurance company.

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