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Cyclist liability, and why you might need it

Cyclist liability insurance is an insurance policy coverage that protects a cyclist from the risk of being sued or held legally liable for causing bodily harm or damage to another's property. This can include hitting a pedestrian, jogger, animal, car, or another rider.

Due to the physical nature of cycling, there’s a possibility that you'll be involved in a cycling accident. Unless there are witnesses to describe the accident to law enforcement, the officers will make an on-the-scene determination and assign traffic citations to who they believe to be the offenders. It is unfortunate, but cyclists tend to get an overwhelming amount of blame when involved in a pedestrian versus bicycle accident, or even when a car is involved.

If an accident results in injuries or property damage, and in the absence of witnesses or video footage of the accident, it is likely that the insurance companies will initiate an investigation to determine who is at fault and which insurance company should accept their client’s responsibility for the loss. Unfortunately, you don’t have to be wrong to get sued.

Once a case against you is filed, you will need legal representation. This is where the Liability section of a Cyclist Insurance Policy comes into play. When you purchase liability coverage, you are buying a legal representation to defend your actions. Without liability coverage, you would have to bear that cost yourself. With attorneys costing up to $500.00 per hour on a $20,000 retainer, it makes sense to consider adding liability coverage to your cyclist insurance policy. We offer liability limits from $25,000 to $100,000 and these limits are not affected by the cost to defend you: the defense team gets paid outside of the liability limits. Your liability limit remain intact until the outcome of your case is determined.

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