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What is covered

Crash damage to
frame & wheel Set
Accident Failure of frame or wheelset
Total loss by crash
Total loss by theft

Theft of spare parts
Liability to others

Road side assistance
Replacement bike rental

What Customers Say

If you spend hard earned money on a bike I recommend thinking about a bike insurance. I'm very glad that I did reach out to Dave of Velosurance. Dave was great help in advising on the right coverage. He acted as a cyclist more than an insurance agent.
While in France I did the 'unthinkable' and drove into a low overpass with my new bike on the roof rack. You helped me through the claims process, which was painless, and within days I had a check for the full amount of the loss. As bad as I felt about wrecking my bike, I would have felt a whole lot worse had I not had Velosurance.

How it compares to others

Policy Coverage Home Owner Policy Renters Policy Velo surance
Insured at Full Value Possibly Possibly Yes
Crash Damage No No Yes
Theft Coverage Limited Limited Yes
Theft Away From Home Possibly Possibly Yes
Vehicle Contact No No Yes
Personal Liability Yes Yes Yes
Replacement Bike Rental No No Yes
Event Fee Return No No Yes
Cycling Apparel Insured No No Yes
Medical Payments Possibly Possibly Yes
Racing Coverage No No Yes
Accident Frame Failure No No Yes
Borrowed Bicycle No No Yes


Members of USA Cycling, USA Triathlon, and International Mountain Bicycle Association (IMBA) receive discounts on Velosurance bicycle insurance products.