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dave By David Williams Jun 24th, 2014
Most common accidents when riding on the road

Every road rider knows how quickly things can change and that you need to rely on all your bike handling skills to avoid being injured in a bicycle...

Bicycle accidents | 4 MIN READ
denis By Denis Voitenko Jun 18th, 2014
Most popular ways to transport your bike safely

On a roof rack, trunk rack, or hitch rack: Which one is the best means of hauling your bicycle around? Carrying your bicycle in or on your car is an...

dave By David Williams Mar 28th, 2014
Uninsured motorist insurance is important for cyclists

Why do you need uninsured motorist coverage We hope it never happens but often a cyclist is badly injured by a driver who has no insurance or a...

Rates and coverage | 2 MIN READ
denis By Denis Voitenko Mar 17th, 2014
Get your road bike ready for the season

Take it for quick pedal Take your bike for a quick pedal around the neighborhood to make sure the gears and brakes are working well. Then take...

Bicycle maintenance | 3 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Mar 17th, 2014
Bicycle insurance cost explained

An often asked question is why does bicycle insurance cost as much as my motorcycle/auto insurance? This is a great question that needs discussion....

Bicycle insurance | 3 MIN READ
denis By Denis Voitenko Feb 24th, 2014
Mountain bike riding safety tips

Always wear a helmet The #1 mountain biking safety rule is ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET. The one thing you need to know is that brain injuries are life...

Mountain biking | 3 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Feb 24th, 2014
Bicycle car rack safety tips

If you carry your precious bike around on the roof of your car you probably live in fear of the day you forget the bike is up top and drive somewhere...

dave By David Williams Feb 5th, 2014
How to keep your bike's gears shifting perfectly

In our last segment we paid attention to a perfectly clean chain. Now we want to make sure your gears work perfectly. Clean and grease the inner...

Bicycle maintenance | 2 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Feb 5th, 2014
Bike chain cleaning guide

Have you let the muck and grime build up on your bike or did you just spend a ride hammering through some nasty wet roads or trails? If your bike is...

Bicycle maintenance | 3 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Dec 26th, 2013
Velosurance available for electric bicycles

With the recent emergence of electric assist bicycles Velosurance now offers the valuable protection of a multi risk, stated value, bicycle insurance...

Electric bicycles | 2 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Dec 19th, 2013
10 questions to ask your insurance agent

When bicycle insurance is discussed, the most common question that arises is “isn’t my bike covered by my home insurance?” The answer is: possibly,...

Rates and coverage | 5 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Nov 21st, 2013
How bicycle insurance claims happen?

Claims happen because of a sudden or accidental loss to your bike. If your tires wear out this is not sudden or accidental. If your ten year old...

Bicycle insurance | 4 MIN READ