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Rates and coverage

dave By David Williams Jun 17th, 2019
Things to know before insuring your bicycle

If you’re an experienced cyclist, then you’ve probably owned multiple bikes, each progressively better and more expensive than the last. Whether you’...

Rates and coverage | 7 MIN READ
dave By David Williams May 15th, 2015
Most common questions

Q: Is my bike covered if it is on the car bike rack and I am rear ended? A: Yes, the bike is covered subject to the policy deductible. Q: If I buy...

Rates and coverage | 3 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Sep 28th, 2014
Bicycle insurance - what is covered?

When figuring out what value to consider when insuring your bicycle you should include everything normally attached to the bike when you ride, plus...

Rates and coverage | 2 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Mar 28th, 2014
Why you must have uninsured motorist insurance

Why do you need uninsured motorist coverage We hope it never happens but often a cyclist is badly injured by a driver who has no insurance or a...

Rates and coverage | 2 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Dec 19th, 2013
10 questions to ask your insurance agent

When bicycle insurance is discussed, the most common question that arises is “isn’t my bike covered by my home insurance?” The answer is: possibly,...

Rates and coverage | 5 MIN READ
dave By David Williams Jan 22nd, 2013
Bicycle insurance rates and coverage

Bicycle insurance policies specifically for bicycles While cyclists share passions, cycling often means different things to different people. That...

Rates and coverage | 4 MIN READ